Face the challenges

We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not to say can; struck down, but not destroyed. 2 Corinthians 4:8 – 9

Taking a stand can be unpopular, but faith will bring your justification. Before I give you the lesson for the day I need to ask you some personal questions because of the next season I see you are about to walk in. Often times when God was to move a man for one season to the next, he asked him a question. The response to the question will determine how ready the next season is prepared to have you stand for the next season.

What are your challenges in life that you encounter as you take a stand?
How do you overcome these challenges?
When trials come your way, how do you embrace it?
How do you manage to accept the bad with the good that you expect?

I hear the Lord saying get ready for I am making you a new individual of greatness in boldness because you are not afraid to face to challenges of your day. I see greatness around you but it is important for you to see it for you. I am reminded of one of the women of the year named by Time magazine was Corazon Aquino, a former president of the Republic of the Philippines and a woman who for the good fight, standing firm against all the challenges that she faced in life. Aquino used to be a plain housewife who does not want to be involved in politics not until her husband was killed fighting for democracy. She took a stand not just for herself but also for the benefit of an entire nation.

When Aquino became the president, criticisms, riots and cool attempts are just few of the challenges that she faced, yet she did not flee from any of it. She managed to face and embrace every challenges, big or small and kept her stand. Aquino is just one of the many who took a difficult stand and position in life. Some people find it easy to take a stand while others find it hard. However, taking a stand is not really a big thing; if one easily falls down is a challenge come in. Challenges are inevitable, and he can either strengthening you or break you. You are to face and embrace failure and sacrifices without giving up. Keep in mind that the strength of a building can only be tested and proven by how a standstill despite the changing and challenging seasons.

To take a stand is to enjoy the success that it brings and also to endure the pain and failures that goes with it. Riots and criticisms may arise as you have taken the stand but remember that you are not a loser when you cannot withstand such things. We only become losers when we give up. It is very important that you get this lesson right now and right here. Challenges are inevitable in life and when it comes, we must be ready for it. However ready or not, we have to face it.

So, take your stand and face everything that it brings to your life. I am now requesting that you take on a faith action and face the challenge of the right now. Go ahead and fill up the form for you to receive a free prophecy reading. When you do this it will bring you into a place of new expectation because the word is only committing you to a future that has not been born yet but is in route to you the moment you have gathered in your mind the seed within your experience.

What stops you from doing this? Because whatever that one thing is that stops you in life it is stopping your will. That one thing has the potential to stop you in every phase of your life. As you receive a word from the Prophet, the power of prophecy will help you achieve the life you want to. Remember your destiny is not left up to chance it is a matter of choice and as you begin to make the choice of this, it is committing you to a future that has not been born yet but a future that is in route to you because you have started reading this message now the final action is the act of faith that you fill up the form so that I can release the prophecy that is about to show up in your life.

So now I want you to click the link and remember according to your faith, he had done unto you.
Act now! Watch your future come alive now! God is transforming you completely. This will make you confident, full of belief and satisfied about the outcome to your situation.

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