Everything You Need is Provided For

Look at spiritual wealth. Everything you need is within.  Everything I need is within. But

how many things, really? Everything. Spiritual wealth—both invisible and visible—can only be obtained through realization. If there is no realization, there can be no materialization. If there is no materialization, there will be no manifestation. Realization begins within. It starts with thinking the thoughts, and then understanding the thoughts, and then realizing what’s available for you. Realization is your realignment with the Infinite.

The spiritual way to abundance is rigged to favor those with purity of motive. God’s dice

are loaded.  Everything is rigged, which is just another way of saying it’s all been set up already, and all we have to do is walk in the divine plan.

The dice of God are loaded. Everything is rigged for you to win if your motive is pure.

Does it make you uncomfortable to know that God’s dice are rigged for those with your

motives? God is good. He knows you cannot have pure motives by yourself. He knows the human heart is dark and deceitful. He already thought of that.



No one is righteous, not even one (Rom. 3:10). How then can a person have pure motives? It is because of Jesus that we can become pure and holy before the Lord (Rom. 3:22). It is Christ’s holiness and purity that has covered us, through his blood, that we can have pure motives. God’s dice are rigged for you — the one he died for on the cross.




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