Empowering Relationships through Grief  Conference

Why Attend the Conference

Many of us have experienced the sadness that occurs from loss, whether it’s losing something that was a cherished possession or the betrayal of a sacred trust. Even some of us know what it is like to experience deep, profound pain from the loss of a loved one.

But very few of us have had the opportunity to examine grief from a cultural perspective and discover the untapped power that exists in our true-to-life experiences.

This is not ‘just a conference’. It’s a game-changer that’s a match for the challenges of the 21st century.

The Promises of the Conference

You will discover that you are not alone and that you do not have to overcome anything. In other words, you will discover that you have everything you need to accept grief, loss, and frustration with a newly found grace and power.

You will learn new ways to express your feelings and open new doors by truly communicating vs. getting things off your chest or blowing off steam. The difference is you will be mindful while going through the grief process and learn from this very human experience.

You will be awakened by the power of the community through the group dynamic. Given we are social creatures, being involved and communing with one another is essential to our well-being. We need each other. You will have new freedom to express yourself within groups with an intention to contribute and be contributed to.

Ultimately, whether you are a first responder, healthcare professional, Samaritan or friend; as a leader, you will access new ways to support others without carrying any new burdens.