Deep-seated desire to be accepted

Emotional craving is the deep-seated need to feel loved, accepted, and wanted. We all need love, acceptance, and affection, but some people want it in a way that goes beyond what is normal for humans. These people may not have had much emotional closeness from their parents when they were young. These people may also have been through so much pain that they would use love and affection from anywhere to heal their wounds. Even though emotional needs are important, people with unhealthy emotional cravings replace the forgiveness, healing, love, and acceptance that they can only get from God with the limited affection of those around them. Even though it’s okay to want love from other people, it’s a problem when people with unquenchable emotional needs that come from pain and hurt demand healing and unconditional love from other people when they can only get that from God.

Unhealthy Emotional Desires

People who are crippled by unhealthy and excessive emotional cravings show certain signs. They can be dishonest, self-centered, and hard to trust. When they are being manipulative, they can be possessive and in charge. Because they haven’t had much affection, love, or acceptance, they demand what they want from the people around them. Then, everything is about them. They expect that every request and demand they make will be met. This is how they get the affection, love, and acceptance they can’t find on their own from other people. When they don’t get what they want, they might even change the story to make it seem like the other person doesn’t care about them. This is because they see things very clearly and in black and white. If someone doesn’t give them what they want, they think the other person must not love them. They might say something like, “I really needed you to be there, so I guess you don’t really love me.”

People with strong emotional needs also have a hard time trusting other people. They are always suspicious of other people because they are still hurting. They are always afraid that someone will leave them and hurt them again. This thought is what makes them lose sight of things. Everyone wants them dead. Always, everyone leaves. They will get hurt by everyone. So, here is the contradiction. People with strong emotional needs often don’t get the affection and love they want because they are always suspicious and distrustful.


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