Ego: The Enemy of Powerful Conversations

In our conversations, we can be overcome by fear because of many reasons. It could be the person we are talking to, the topic of the conversation, etc. Fear can be viewed as an obstacle to the enrollment process. When there is fear in the enrollment process, there is no sense of concern or care to the person being enrolled. Fear inhibits a person from being his best. It is a poor motivational tool because it makes one lose sight of the passion inside him.

Bad changes happen when fear is instilled. This makes a successful enrollment process a bit difficult to attain. If there is fear in the enrollment process, it should be dealt with right away. Fear should be eliminated because it will lead a wrong or negative kind of mindset.

The ego may most of the time pose a bad image. However, it still has its uses. After all, it cannot be fully eliminated – but can be controlled. You must have a big ego, because you have to ignore all the negative conversations – especially from negative people. Critics may have valid concerns, but you have to be careful not to allow yourself be derailed trying to be everything to people. The bread of success is buttered on the side of those being criticized, not those criticizing.

People will always have something good and bad to say to us. We cannot keep them from doing so. However, we can filter whatever negativity we are getting from them – and having a big ego is something that can help you filter them. Aside from that, being Christians who are Spirit-driven, we are to let the Spirit lead us and remind us about the Truth.

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 How is your ego keeping you from communicating powerfully?

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