Do you make an impact in the arena?

Even though you are in the enemy’s kingdom, he doesn’t care. He does not want you in control.

The gates let everyone in. One of our problems is that we are too happy about having access. When God is trying to raise some people who have their sights set on the palace, he wants to put some of us in the palace, which is where the industry is controlled.

Being in the business is one thing. It’s something else to be part of the machine that runs it. It is called the palace because Joseph lived there. He wasn’t right next door to the palace. He was in the palace for sure.

Let’s read Luke 11:20-23 from the American King James Version: 

But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come on you. When a strong man armed keeps his palace, his goods are in peace: But when a stronger than he shall come on him,9 and overcome him, he takes all his armor wherein he trusted, and divides his spoils. He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathers not with me scatters. (Luke 11:20-23) 

The king is a strong man. He has weapons. He wants to hold on to his palace. But he’s not armed, and he’s keeping his gates closed. Did you pick up on that? It looks like the strong man is full of himself. He doesn’t even care about his gates. Even though you are in the enemy’s kingdom, he doesn’t care that he doesn’t want you to be in charge.

God’s kingdom comes to this world. God is putting people in the palaces of the world through this process. God is letting them in to have power, lead, and be in charge. You have been chosen to move up. You have been selected to make a difference in that palace. Right now, we are all inside the gates of our industries. God is looking for someone who will step up and be a leader. He wants to put someone in charge of the palace.

God will make a job opening so that believers can fill it.

When you say, “I’m ready, Lord. I want to be in the palace.” God will put you in the palace, and while you are there, He will protect you. God is the one who will raise you to the palace. He will keep you safe and help you do well. Joseph became the wealthiest person in the world when God put him in the palace. He became a powerful person. But he wasn’t the Pharaoh’s man in the end, even though he was a trusted second man. He worked for God at the palace.

God will make a job opening so that believers can fill it. He advertises a job opening at the job center. Your job in the palace might have nothing to do with your religion. It might not have anything to do with how your church usually does mission work. But this has nothing to do with the goal of the kingdom, which is to stop the enemy’s plans.


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