Distinguishing the “Spirit of Prophecy” Level

The “spirit of prophecy” is poured out upon believers in the church to testify about Jesus Christ, which is true even today. For this reason, the Bible says that we may all prophesy (1Cor.14:31), and that the power of the prophetic still exists today; It did not die when the last apostle died as some would claim.


At this level of prophecy, every believer who cares to be a spiritual vessel can practice prophesying by faith through the “spirit of prophecy.” This level may be the shallowest end of the pool, but it is the first step in operating in the prophetic. One cannot go to the deepest end, without stepping into this level first. The “spirit of prophecy” is simply the Holy Spirit manifesting himself in every believer who is willing and who cares to testify about Jesus Christ (Jn. 15:26). When believers yield to the “spirit of prophecy,” which can manifest at times when you least expect, you will begin to freely speak the word of God by faith. The prophetic word will glorify Jesus and edify the hearers. You may feel a quickening in your heart or in your gut when this is occurring. In other times, it’s just a sense of clarity, peace, or awareness that the “spirit of prophecy” is upon you as you are already speaking about the Word of God. It can be when you are ministering one-on-one with a friend, when you are leading a small group, or when you are preaching in the pulpit.


Sometimes, when we gather in groups, either in church, fellowship, home cells, prayer groups, or in our house fellowship, we experience the “spirit of prophecy” move strongly. When the Holy Spirit strongly moves, anybody in the meeting can prophesy and all that is said truly glorifies Jesus and edifies the gathering. The “spirit of prophecy” is contagious. Where the Spirit of the Lord is allowed, there He freely moves. One can silence or quench the Holy Spirit’s voice when you neglect it or reject it. However, when you yield to it, you will experience the Holy Spirit’s power.


In the Old Testament, you will see a scriptural pattern of how prophets moved in companies. The intensity of anointing is experienced to increase unity. In the New Testament, we also notice how several prophets in the church of Antioch were in a

group (Acts 13). We see generations of Schools of Prophets in the Bible where the “spirit of prophecy” manifests powerfully.


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How has being in a company or group of prophets opened you up to receiving an impartation from the “Spirit of prophecy?”

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