Jesus is the prophet in the marketplace. He is also the one who placed us in our respective marketplaces to reach out to the people and to win them over to Christ. However, if Jesus does not dwell in the neighborhood of our souls, if the Word was not made flesh and dwelt among us, what good are we in the marketplace for the Lord? What is our purpose in the marketplace when the message of Jesus cannot penetrate our very being that it has transformed us?

You may be asking, “When has Christ been eliminated in my life?” It is when you stopped caring for his people the way he does. It is when you turned a blind eye to the plight of the poor and the oppressed around you. It is when you considered your interests to be higher than those of your neighbor in need. Authentic Christianity happens not just within the four corners of the worship hall; instead, it happens when you take a stand in the marketplace in the name of Jesus. The ministry does not take place a couple of hours a week during Sunday service. It is an everyday way of being that you surrender yourself to, if you consider yourself a follower of Christ.

We have been very good at drawing the line between the secular and the spiritual activities. We have placed Jesus in a box, where he is not allowed to touch certain areas of our lives that we do not want to surrender to him.

Jesus did not go to the cross in order to beautify or to add color to our lives. The cross is essential to our being. It is a matter of life and death for us. It is not optional nor is it a matter of mere convenience.

If you believe in Christ, then you must know that his Lordship is your way of being. You are not truly a Christian without completely surrendering your life to Jesus. When you received him as your Savior, when you declared him as Lord over your life, you also accepted him as your Lord. It’s not one or another—it’s a package deal.

Christ is Lord of all, or not at all. We cannot simply pick what we like about Christianity. We also cannot choose to receive the provision and reject Lordship, choose to be forgiven, yet refuse to forgive others, or choose to be healed, yet refuse to give our tithes and offering.


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Tell me something about your relationship with Jesus and the level by which you obey His Prophetic Will for your life.

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