Conversations and Commitment

I’m not quite sure if you’ve heard it on your side of town, but there’s a running punchline about how commitment is a big word. And it is. It implicates and implies so many things, things that are serious and barely laughable. It’s something that requires a level of seriousness and level-headedness when being discussed, because the last thing we want to do is diminish its meaning and value especially in this day and age when the importance of keeping a commitment seems to be not that high on the list of people’s priorities.


And then we have conversations. I don’t know about you, but it takes quite a commitment on my part to listen and converse with another person the whole way through. It takes a lot of commitment to stay present and pay attention to every word the other person is saying. It takes commitment to not interject every passing thought and comment you have regarding what the other person is saying and to just keep your mouth shut and listen.


But it is with this commitment that we are able to build relationships and commitments with others. This is a necessary skill that every person should be able to manage and cultivate. We want to be able to have conversations that bind hearts and minds together. We want to be able to provide people with a safe space where they feel like they may speak everything going on in their minds and in their lives.



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