Conversations and Commitment Part 2

Here are several tips on how you can build deeper, more meaningful conversations with others that convey a sense of security and commitment:

  1. Listen

This sounds like a no-brainer, but so many of us have a hard time just listening. I have encountered people who cut people off and the last thing we want, is to make others feel as if we are not interested in what they are saying or that what they are saying is not important.

We need to learn how to hold back our opinions for a moment and just lend a listening ear.

  1. Ask questions

Once they are done speaking, show greater interest by asking questions. Clarify why they feel that way, why they think the way they think. Probe and gather more information, not in a way that is offensive, but in a way that conveys your genuine curiosity. Ask open-ended questions that could lead to deeper topics and more intimate conversing.


  1. Utilize body language


Do not turn your body away from the person speaking and I greatly advise against looking at your phone while all of this is going on. Lean closer and show through your body how engaged you are in this conversation. Don’t cross your arms, but leave them open and extended so that the other party will not feel as if you are judging or uninterested.

  1. Summarize what has been spoken

Recount what they told you and confirm whether you got it correctly. Try to show how you are reflecting on and properly digesting the words and statements that they say.

If you want to build deeper relationships and build a strong sense of leadership, you must first understand that leadership is relationship. We need to know how to build trust, intimacy, and connections with the people around us. We need to show people how we are people of integrity, because how can we trust people who are deceitful and have no sense of ownership and responsibility? And without trust, there can be no relationship.

We need to know how to show that we are committed to the cause, and in this case, the relationship.



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