Context: The Story of Your Life

Context determines the story of your life. Context is the space by which your life is happening. Mediocrity is a sign that you are living as a content of your experience, rather than the context that authors and qualifies your life. As a content of experience, you are powerless and limited. Thus, this makes it more likely for you to say, “I doubt my life matters.” Significance comes from your personal choice to be responsible and commitment to be significant.

I want to encourage you to see a context wherein if I make a difference, then everybody makes a difference. The rule under this particular context is that it is either “everybody makes a difference” or “nobody makes a difference”. We observe here how having a life that matters is more of a group thing, rather than an individual state of being. It is in this context that we can create a world that works for “you and me,” rather than “you or me.”



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What story do you want to tell about your life?

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