Connect yourself with God’s Words

1When it comes to learning about the ways of the Lord, the complexity of the topic is unlike any other. Journeying into the teachings of the Lord is a long and winding road. God exhibits wisdom that is far beyond our understanding. A part of our mission as believers of Christ is to constantly attempt to bring meaning to His words. The Lord tells us that there is meaning in everything and that nothing is a random and isolated event.

With that you must know that your endeavor as a servant of the Lord must be met with proper guidance and research. The School of the Prophets founded by the Master Prophet Bishop Jordan specializes in bringing people closer to their spiritual selves. In today’s world, more and more people are starting to question and become skeptical of the church and this is something that the community has had to deal with in recent years. As a child of the Lord it is your duty and responsibility to bring people back into the faith. The love of God is unlimited and unconditional. Even when His people have forgotten Him, the Lord does not abandon any one of them

The Word of God must be brought forward in a way that can relate to every day people. As you progress in you life as a Christian, you must seek a deeper knowledge of your faith. The School of the Prophets can bring you just that. Through all the modern-day notions you must stay focused on the Word of God. It is what will bring you inspiration and guidance throughout your life. Connect with the Word of God and bring your community back into His promise of salvation. CLICK HERE!