Commitment – BIG Word!

Commitment is connected to the possibility of change. Breakthrough results are only made possible when there is a committed action. A lot of us live in an atmosphere that we agree needs a little change in one way or the other. However, we don’t even notice how our conversations DO NOT create change. They’re mostly commentaries, as if we’re watching our lives played back to us as a movie, and we’re just making comments:

“What a horrible day at work!”

“You’re treating me so badly.”

“My life is a mess.”

All of these statements are comments that describe your life. What you are saying that is creating actual change for your situation? When you shift the way you speak into the direction of making commitments, your conversations would definitely transform — so would your life:

“Lord, I am believing you for a promotion this month.”

“God, can you help me be a better spouse?”

“I offer my life to you, Lord Jesus!”

How are these statements more powerful than the ones in the previous set? No matter how much you talk about things that you hate about your life, conversations that simply describe your current situation won’t help you.

Talk about the future. Talk about what you are committed to do. Dedicate it all up to the Lord.

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