Zoe Ministries is an online provider of online Christian prophecy readings. We have a world of information to offer. From biblical quotes to inspirational stories and faith healing passages, we offer everything that you will need to enhance your spirituality. We work diligently to ensure that our users are given the best experience possible when using our website. Upon registration, users can access almost any feature of our website, completely free of charge. We believe that by spreading the word of God, we can build an online community that will give people the opportunity to flourish in their lives.

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We personally ensure that our free Christian prophecy readings are accurate and personalized to every user. Our free bible prophecies come directly from God, conveyed by Bishop Jordan and other prophets who God has bestowed as his loyal messengers. We offer a free registration process, and email updates to give users the enlightenment that they need, even if they are on the go and don’t have time to check in on the website. Join our online community today, and become a part of the soul healing power that reaches people who are even on the darkest of paths.

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