Christ: The Center of the Community

Who is the superstar in your church community?

 Christian Week Columnist, Jeff K. Clarke, wrote that to be a disciple of Jesus is to center one’s life in Jesus within a community.

Further, Clarke points out that following Jesus is not about applying principles to the external circumstances of life, but about immersing ourselves in Jesus’ life and message until his life and notice begins to engage itself in each of us, flowing out from us into the world around us.

Only through this can we honestly say that Jesus is the heart of discipleship. 

Clarke noted that discipleship should not be limited to any church-based program. Restricting discipleship to a program is to misunderstand what following Jesus is fundamental.

Discipleship programs can serve a purpose in a church setting. Still, discipleship must also extend past the framework of any program, For those involved, they may eventually define discipleship as exclusive only within the program boundaries.

He further notes that we should be more cautious over the church programs that turn into exclusive clubs, limiting membership and leaving strangers out.  

Christians should not form discipleship groups based on who we share interests with while closing the doors to those different from us.

The very essence of discipleship is diversity. Any program that endangers this diversity needs to be carefully analyzed and restructured accordingly.

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