Breaking Out of Your Prophetic Limitations

In order to overcome a limitation, we must first define it. A limitation is an area of weakness or an area of insufficiency. It is also an area for obstacles. Limitations are the things that keeps you

down. A limitation can also be a line beyond which one cannot pass. It is the boundary surrounding a specific area. When you put something inside a cage, it becomes your limitation. A limitation is anything or anyone that hinders you to reach your maximum potential, or something that makes your life difficult.

Limitations are also satanically arranged to limit a person. They are wicked boundaries set by the enemy in the realm of the spirit manifesting in the physical. They are anything that suppresses you. They are anything that says “no” to the promotion God has for you. Any yoke that is keeping you down and in bondage. It is something that scatters anything you arranged. It is any power that battles you at the edge of the breakthrough. A limitation detains you. They are barriers; they are barricades on your way to progress. A limitation is an invisible rope tied around your waist to control and regulate you.


The power of the limitation is one of the greatest enemies of a man’s destiny. As a child of God, you have a great destiny. Your ability as a child of God is also God’s ability, but there is a power that limits one’s destiny. Remember, Saul was limited. Samson was limited. Abraham was limited. Blind Bartimaeus was limited. Any power assigned to limit your potential destiny in the name of Jesus Christ is a limitation.



Experience the Power of Prophecy as a gift to open your mind to receive the Mind of Christ.

What limitations are you facing right now?

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