Remember Humility to remain Spiritual

God provides each one of us with a talent. That talent is not always something that is obvious and can be flaunted. When you choose to flaunt your talents and make your self feel superior to others you are not using God’s gift as he intended. You are also forgetting that God is great and we are but humble servants.

Pride and Arrogance
It is sad to see so many “self help” books that concentrate on teaching you to be arrogant and proud in order to get ahead. Let’s face it, no one likes a bragger. When we use God’s talents as he intended we must do so with humility understanding that God wishes to speak through us. God wants us to share our gift in order to help others even if it is to use our humor to make others laugh or our scientific knowledge to heal the sick. Our actions will demonstrate our talents; we do not have to then continue to retell the stories of our grand deeds.

Humility Shows True Strength
When we perform a task with great adeptness and are able to be the best we can be we do not have to bring this to people’s attention. It should be enough that we are helpful and that we ourselves know what we have accomplished and more importantly trust that God sees all and appreciates our efforts. Sometimes people get so caught up in their own glory they block out the sun from the smaller saplings around them keeping them from feeling the sun on their faces. Instead, as someone with talent we should always be happy to take a back seat and rejoice when we allow others to succeed instead.

Walk Humbly
In all we do, we must always strive to do well and try our best. God asks all of us to be just, merciful and loving and through all of it be humble. Many high profile celebrities give time and money to charity which is admirable but none of them do it without sending out a press release first. Giving, loving and succeeding are all lessons we learn from God’s teachings. A Free Christian Prophecy can often help us succeed and teach us what God intends. It will never say God says do this and then stand on the rooftops and shout out that it worked.

The faith of God

Many of us experience, problems, trials, pain and sickness, and blaming God for giving us such and turn backs to our God. And also to the extent that some of us lost the will to live. God, give us problems, trials, pains, and sickness to awaken us. So, have you ever tried to ask yourself why does God allow us to experience this? There is lot of questions in our mind if we experience us such, that we might think that we don’t deserve to experience problems. God leads us to do right, but sometimes we forgot the words of God that he taught us. It is true that we people forget to put God into our life.

God operates by faith like with when God exercised faith when he creates the world. God certainly make his creations perfect, because of his faith. He never thinks that his creation will be end up for nothing. Because of his faith all of the things he created function well, the living things and none living things with their obligations and uses at the same time. The faith of God never ends and never fails to give us hope for our lives. The faith of God for with his creations leads him to do more and make things better and to be forgiven.

God showed us the essential meaning on how his faith never lost to its focus and plans for all of the things under the sun that he creates. The faith of God figure it out the all the great things he has done for everything. It is impossible to please God without faith, because our relationship with God depends on it. The God’s faith makes all of his creations worth, because of God’s faith we are here and living well in this world.

Enlighten your career choices through Prophecy

1How do you approach your goals? What are your career goals at this point? What you is your reason behind pursuing your career? Recall the many reasons why you started your job in the first place. There might have been many childhood influences and experiences throughout life that have lead you to do what you currently find yourself doing. But in the end it all boils down to whether or not you are happy where you are.

The Lord has given everyone an opportunity to develop themselves. Life is an opportunity to grow and develop the person that God has made you to be. In terms of career, people are usually happiest when they can express themselves most comfortably. Your career is what you will eventually spend most of your time and energy on. Given that it must be something that aligns with your values, develops you as a person and brings you the right amount of income. This balance is difficult to find when you there are so many choices to make and distractions to avoid.

Bishop Jordan, the Master Prophet tells us that Prophecy is the way to a much fuller life. If you seek to examine your current career choices in the context of God’s will, a Free Prophecy is something that you can venture into. Through a Free Prophecy you can find a deeper meaning in the events of your life and your career. If you seek to be happy, you must do it in Christ. Seek the words of prophets like Bishop Jordan in order to bring happiness into your career and inspire you to be passionate about your goals. CLICK HERE!

Connect yourself with God’s Words

1When it comes to learning about the ways of the Lord, the complexity of the topic is unlike any other. Journeying into the teachings of the Lord is a long and winding road. God exhibits wisdom that is far beyond our understanding. A part of our mission as believers of Christ is to constantly attempt to bring meaning to His words. The Lord tells us that there is meaning in everything and that nothing is a random and isolated event.

With that you must know that your endeavor as a servant of the Lord must be met with proper guidance and research. The School of the Prophets founded by the Master Prophet Bishop Jordan specializes in bringing people closer to their spiritual selves. In today’s world, more and more people are starting to question and become skeptical of the church and this is something that the community has had to deal with in recent years. As a child of the Lord it is your duty and responsibility to bring people back into the faith. The love of God is unlimited and unconditional. Even when His people have forgotten Him, the Lord does not abandon any one of them

The Word of God must be brought forward in a way that can relate to every day people. As you progress in you life as a Christian, you must seek a deeper knowledge of your faith. The School of the Prophets can bring you just that. Through all the modern-day notions you must stay focused on the Word of God. It is what will bring you inspiration and guidance throughout your life. Connect with the Word of God and bring your community back into His promise of salvation. CLICK HERE!

Let Our Great God Handle Your Enemies

1 Peter 2:21 “For God called you to supervise good, even if it entails hurt, just as Christ endured for you. He is your demonstration, and you should follow in his steps.”

Everyone progresses through anxious times where we are having are important with our wellbeing, bindings, currency, or work. Many times, we are amazed why we have to withstand when other ones arise to be supervising well and enjoying life. Sometimes we may wish for to take pursuit in our own hands and supervise what we look like is best to give us provisional enjoyment; though, God calls us to supervise well in all things, even if it entails suffering.

When other people lash out at us and supervise things to wound us, we may or may not appreciate the reason. Bishop Bernard Jordan agrees that we may look like wound or irate and wish for to retaliate in any way we can to make them look like the similar way we do. We may wish for to train them a communication and get back at them for what they said or did. However, Jesus held his tongue in even the least of times and received God’s good thing for his suffering.

1 Peter 2:23 “He did not retaliate when he was mishandled; neither frighten revenge when he suffered. He left his case in the hands of God, who usually referees fairly.”

It is not usually so simple to encompass our tongues when we look like we demand to state certain thing to someone. The separate someone may be saying things to wound us. They may be lashing out in anger. They may be caused distress and taking things out on us; though, our reply should usually be a adoring one. Sometimes we demand to be firm in what we state but it should still be in love.

There are times when we look like we have been verbally misapplied by someone. We aren’t certain exactly what we did but they are taking it out on us. They come lodging angry. They progress to bed upset. They woken from snooze up mad. Nothing we supervise can be right for them. We state certain thing and they get mad. We state not any kind and they get mad. There is just no way to enjoyment them.Bishop Bernard Jordan shares this verse with you in Matthew 5:44 “But I state, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!”

Those are the times we demand to be still and pray. We demand to sanction God to work. We demand to leave from it in the hands of God. We demand to  let them vent as they supervise and understand there is certain thing deeper inside bothering them and they will converse when they are organized to. However, we may not ever appreciate why they recuperate us that way. We may not ever appreciate why we have to withstand because they are angry.

The Bible doesn’t notify us to overlook about those who are angry. The Bible doesn’t notify us to turn away from those who recuperate us like we don’t wish for to be treated. The Bible doesn’t notify us to recuperate other ones as they recuperate us. The Bible blatantly states to recuperate people like we wish for to be treated.

Luke 6:31 “Do to other ones as you would like them to supervise to you.”

It’s so so simple to just retaliate back to celebrity who is wounding you; though, as Christians we are to not supervise what is easy. We are to supervise as Jesus would do. We are to supervise as we wish for to be treated. We don’t appreciate why celebrity achievements like they supervise so we are to just love other ones when we are imperiled or when we are suffering. We demand to encompass our tongues and inquire God to make our pursuits His actions.

When we divulge to pardon other ones who are healing us incorrect and reside as God likes us to we can lead by demonstration and let other ones glimpse Jesus in us. When we leave from it in the hands of God other than taking actions into our own hands, we will become stronger. Bishop Bernard Jordan implied that when we follow Jesus’ demonstration and God’s expression, we can make a difference.

Your Conscience teaches you Obedience

Obedience is living a life with respect for the rules. The simplest rule God has for us is to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. However throughout your life you will be tempted to bend the rules. Your conscience is your moral compass that helps you avoid sin.

Doing Wrong

We can commit minor sins in life or major ones. No matter what we do, when we choose to do something wrong we will feel it. Your conscience is God’s inner tracking system and when you choose to sin you will feel it when your conscience begins to eat away at you. The closer you are to God the stronger that tracking system remains. The farther you live from God the more it fades. That is why for many it becomes easier and easier to walk down the path of sin. The less faith you have in God the easier it becomes to do wrong. Your conscience is missing its inner beacon which is faith.

Telling Your Self it’s Okay

It is also easy to convince yourself a small sin is okay. This makes it easier to live with your self. But your conscience is what helps you make the right choices and learn the importance of being obedient. Memorizing the 10 commandments can help you remember how God wants you to live and how living this way can make you happy. Peace of mind is easy when you are obedient. Once you convince your self it is okay to take a little money out of the till at work, or steal a kiss with your neighbor’s husband it becomes easier to take a lot of money out of the till or jump into bed with your neighbor’s husband. Telling your self a little sin is okay does nothing more than make it easier to commit more sin. Each sin takes you further from God, but God is always willing to offer his love when you want to make your way back to him. Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan can help you find your way back to God. He can provide you with a personal prophecy that shows you God knows you are good and wants you to follow a path that will bring you back to him with a conscience that wipes the slate clean to do good.cropped-banner9.png

Be kind to your neighbor

1How do you approach the people around you? Are you the type of person that greets everybody with a smile or are you a grumpy fellow that finds it difficult to throw out a compliment? Bringing positivity into your life is easier that you think. All you have to do is seek to be kind because in fact kindness does go a long way. Have you ever experienced having a bad day and having it brighten up with just a single smile from a stranger? Or did you ever wonder why simple acts of sharing had such an impact in the lives of people? The world today, with all its technology and all its distractions has somehow convinced itself that there is no time to do good when in fact it barely takes a minute.

Try and smile more when you meet strangers and see how they react to you. Being kind is free, simple and easy and the more kindness you release in the world the more you bring people towards a more human world. We see the status of current issues through Prophecy News. These news bits explain the world in terms of the prophetic and spiritual values.

Prophecy news reminds us that we must take care of the relationships that we form today. Inject kindness into your community and allow that culture to grow. When the world starts to think as one we can start to see real change. Go out and seek the words of a Prophet and get your life oriented towards your mission in Christ. Through Prophecy we can all begin to live the life that God has planned for us. The revolution stars with you. Spread the simple value of kindness and be an agent of good changes. Through Prophecy we can come together and realize the value of our everyday actions. That’s the Power of Prophecy. CLICK HERE!

Examine Yourself if You Are Really Worshipping God

The phrase ‘worship’ was first cited in the Book of Genesis section 22, when Abraham, the dad of numerous countries, was checked by God to offer Isaac, his only child as a scorched proposing to God. Most of us when instructed to manage certain thing that are contrary to our will, we are reluctant to pursue and we habitually answer, but Abraham did not deplore, rather than he brandished exhilaration when he increased early the next forenoon to forfeit his son.

The phrase adoration in this verse was characterized as obedience to God and remainder of it suggests a declaration of faith. Let us take a gaze on the 3 distinct modes that adoration was characterized and expounded
with carrying verses from the Scripture.

Bishop Bernard Jordan agrees that worship is obedience. Read 1 Samuel section 15 and let us take a peek on the article of Saul, the first monarch nominated to direct over Israel. In this section, God solidly instructed King Saul to swab out all the Amalekites and everything that pertains to them but Saul smashed the directions and supported himself that what they took will be suggested to God. Perhaps Saul considered that God will be satisfied with his offering. But that’s not what happened. God was not satisfied because
God needs total obedience.

Worship is answering to the call of the Lord. In Isaiah 6:1-8, adoration was attractively brandished in this story. When Isaiah glimpsed the Lord seated on His throne, he became cognizant of who God is and who he is before the Lord. He accepted himself as a sinner standing before a holy God. And God furthermore likes us to adoration in that way, understanding Him more in the attractiveness of His holiness. Bishop Bernard Jordan explains that God did not display Himself to belittle us and make us seem inferior because He is a large-scale God, but to notify us that even how little we are before Him, He can use us for His glory. And that is worship. It is saying ‘yes’ to the call of the Lord after comprehending His grace that acknowledged us and cleansed us even how filthy we have been. Worship makes altered lives.

Worship is a lifestyle. It’s our everyday life! When you manage the bowls and believe that you are managing it for the Lord, you are worshiping God. When you work and heal it as managing it for the Lord, it is worship. Singing the pieces of music as our entails of adoration should be as good as managing the laundry or complying our parents, or submitting to our husbands. Worship is more than vocalizing, more than clapping of hands, or promenading on our feet when the adoration group performances the devices, it is of dwelling our inhabits in obedience to God.

To flawlessly illustrate the factual significance of adoration, Jesus became a form for all of us when He completely complied the will of the Father. He dwelled a life on soil satisfying to His fantastic Father. He conveyed out the supreme forfeit by proposing Himself on the traverse for the atonement of our sins which has conveyed salvation to those who believed. Does it signify that we furthermore require passing away on the traverse to comply and really adoration God? No. Jesus completed the work. But Bishop Bernard Jordan shares with us that our aim is to convey Him respect in all that we manage which will appeal the unsaved spirits and win them for Christ. This is
the fragrant adoration that increases to the throne of God.



Live better today

1Some people equate a good life with riches, power or acclaim. It’s all well and good to have and earn that but for those things to be your main motivation is a misleading thought. Starting out on your journey and all throughout it your main goal should begin with God. When you put Christ in the center of your life you begin to put purpose behind each and every one of your actions. This purpose is something that positively affects the world and brings you to a deeper level of understanding with yourself.

Let’s say that you chose to become a writer because it paid good money. You would then be writing with the thought of earning money as your main motivation. On the other hand if you began your writing career because you knew that you could make a difference and bring people towards a better understanding of positive values then you are more likely to produce quality work. It is all about putting yourself in whatever you are doing sincerely. The type of mindset you attack your goals with is a choice. You don’t have to have all the riches in the world to say that you are living a better life. Living a better life can simply mean that you choose to now live your life in service of Christ. Allow the Lord to inspire you with His great message and touch your life through Prophecy.

The Power of Prophecy is immense. It is a revelation of the plan of God right before you. It can steer you into making better choices. Embrace the word of a Prophet and channel your mind into becoming more spiritually connected with the Word of God. You can live better and happier today by simply choosing to fulfill your mission in Christ above all things. CLICK HERE!

At The Troubles Waters

It takes true faith to trust that God is actually going to work our struggles out for our good. God never fails and He is faithful but the silence can be tormenting as us wait on His promises to be fulfilled. The enemy will taunt us to make us doubt God’s faithfulness, but the truth is that he is a defeated foe whose only weapon is his lies.

The purpose and plan of God for our life have been settled long before we were created. Every single detail was known by God and He provided a way through every one of them. All it takes is for us to keep our eyes on Him and trust Him, but so often we forget what He has done for us in the past. The devil always has a way to make we see the worst of each situation. For that reason, we are to take captive every thought and line them up to be obedient to the teachings of Christ. He has told us that He can rescue us from any situation.

God’s has already planned in advance to supply the power that is needed for his people to climb the hills and survive the valleys in this life. There is not a single struggle we endure that He has not seen long before the world was created.

Our hope is secure and the battle is won in every area of our lives. All that we must do is surrender our weaknesses to the one who can work them all out for our good. It means waiting and trusting while the battle rages on knowing that we are victors. There is no such thing as a defeated Christian. Stop carrying around burdens that are not ours. Worry is a tool that the enemy uses to deflect the truth from believers. He can’t steal our joy so don’t just hand it over to him when problems arise.

Master Prophet believe that the fact is that God will always take us to the edge of the water so that His power will be revealed as he makes a way to cross when there is none. We need to get to the end of our own strength before we can understand the immeasurable power that God has. Weary believers need to wake up and realize that God ‘s plan for our life cannot be hindered by our impossible situation. There is never a time when He leaves us to work things out on our own. It is for His good purpose that He allows the storms in our life. God is working out a perfect plan for us that has eternal rewards.

“Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck, I sink in the miry depths where there is no foothold. I have come into the deep waters; the floods engulf me, I am worn out calling for help.”( Psalm 69:1)

Are You Ready for Enlightenment?

Enlightenment can draw close in a time or it may take numerous life cycles. Few of us will be competent to present that on apply because we all have lifetimes of familiarity and assisting components that affirm we not adept to present it. So,Bishop Bernard Jordan concludes that we have to wrestle with all our recollections and the wisdom of other persons that we have sustained to obtain to a position where we can identify our innovative awareness.

Changing a way of life can be greeted with numerous difficulty and strive or uncultivated abandonment and joy. It is fundamentally another excursion or a course along a dissimilar street that has a choice purpose. It is not managed to be any more straightforward or more arduous than the one that you now chose and it will midpoint stop or eliminating is relying on how you address of it.

Bishop Bernard Jordan explains that because there will be a strong modification in you and your way of life you will mislay community along the way, surrounding aides and family. For one thing as you move along your innovative street you will study a dissimilar phrases and as you commence to guru this phrases your aides and family will no longer construe you; it not adept to be so not hard to familiarity with them, neither they with you.

One adjusts as before long as one has stood up his/her vibration crosswise so high that they sensibly go away and proceed into another realm of awareness. You will become imperceptible to all in the elderly realm.

If your feet are stringently cultivated in the whole body world and this is where you are toughly put agree to on, development may take a design drawing of lifetimes. Death is a human or whole body considered and in certainty you present not have to remove your whole body behind.

With this crosswise of acknowledgement sketches close rejection of all whole body piece and people. The certainty is we are all managed there anyways. Those that have a higher crosswise of enlightenment or acknowledgement fundamentally move quicker and with outlook missing any be dismayed of what is to come. It is the action for all piece to move behind to its lineage, it is a natural fairness of start and look or Karma.

Enlightenment should not ever be extracted gently but presumed as a natural course of familiarity that you have unquestionable serene of.Bishop Bernard Jordan assures you that enlightenment can draw close in a time or it may take numerous life recurring matters but frequently it is arrive close unrestrained of choose and unquestionable love.

Giving without Pay

When it comes to the mixing of gospel ministry and money, we who are leaders of churches or their ancillary ministries must have the fear of God struck into us. Heaven and hell are at stake in how we raise, spend, and reserve money, because the way we handle money either adorns or obscures the gospel.

The love of money really takes it on the chin in the New Testament. Christ and the apostles have mostly negative things to say about wealth, unless it is being given away. In the Gospels, Christ is relentlessly hard on wealth in both His teachings and His discipleship calls. In Acts and the Epistles, we are repeatedly warned against, and given sad examples of, the love of money, which is a root of all kinds of evils. It is also why when Jesus first sent out His disciples to proclaim the gospel, He instructed them not to charge money to either preach or mediate kingdom power. His purpose was not only to train the disciples to live by faith in God’s provision, but that their presentation of the gospel might be a reflection of the gospel to the people to whom they preached.

“For we hold that one is justified by faith apart from works of the law.”(Romans 3:28)

Master Prophet believe that it is a wonderful work of the Spirit in our day that the message of the gospel is being clarified again and loved and defended. It is another glorious reforming of the church. And as this happens, let us pray and vigorously work to make sure that the role money plays in our presentations of this priceless message also points to the glorious free grace of God.