Bless the Rich

A feast is made for laughter and wine maketh merry, but money answereth

all things. Curse not the king, no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich

in thy bedchamber: for a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that

which hath wings shall tell the matter (Ecclesiastes 10:19-20).

One of the things Reverend Ike would admonish us for was cursing the rich. Then he would give us numerous illustrations of how we should respond to the fortune of others. For instance, he’d tell us to drive in a wealthy neighborhood and bless the rich. “You will not become rich until you learn to bless the rich,” he would say.


Most people think money is something given in exchange for work performed. If you think about money in such a limited way, your supply will be limited all your life. View money as what it is: the energy to bring about change.


The power of money is not tangible; it is invisible. Yet, it is powerful. It is not limited to the value of commodity it can purchase. Instead, the energy of money has the capacity to cause transformation, choices, and circumstances that may not have happened otherwise.

With the power of money, you have the power to choose, the heart of the one who has the money will determine whether the choice is for good or evil.


You must not run after money, because it’s when you allow it to master you. Instead, you must respect money and people with money. These people have the energy you need for your purposes. Be grateful that people are blessed. Be grateful that God’s work is here on earth because prosperity can only be sustained by the Lord. It’s His creation. As you learn to respect the power of money, you are able to know that it is something the Lord has already given for you to harness and to use for His glorious purposes.



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What are the things you are grateful for?


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