Being Hurt in the Prophetic Ministry: Disappointment


Disappointment happens when our prophetic ministry has not been listened to, encouraged, or appreciated. Moreover, leaders who have not recognized our gift or have not made room for us to exercise or grow can also make us feel disappointment. We tend to make it personal.


What other ways can we experience disappointment in the ministry? Sometimes, mentors or people we look up to in the ministry let us down. There are also times when ministry opportunities have been taken from us. If you have experienced these disappoints over the years you have been in ministry or if you are only experiencing this now, do not worry. You are not alone. Imagine how Joseph went through a lot of challenges with regard to his gift of prophetic dreams and interpretation. He was also criticized, rejected, misunderstood, and passed over for many years before God raised him up and released him in his call.  Joseph was not bitter. He took each time as an opportunity to see God’s favor and faithfulness. God may allow us to go through tests as part of our development and growth in the Lord, but as we overcome, God can use us in greater ways.

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