Being Hurt in the Prophetic Ministry: Criticism

There are different ways a person can be hurt or wounded in connection to the prophetic gift or ministry. The two most common ways that this can happen is criticism and disappointed. Have you ever been criticized or disappointed in your gift or ministry?




Criticism can occur in several ways. The most common one is from genuine mistakes in the use of our gift. However, the leadership in the situation handled it badly. Maybe you were publicly shamed or maybe you were not guided or restored as you should have been. Criticism can sometimes be aimed at the level of maturity a person has in his gift. We do not criticize or judge babies who are

learning to crawl or walk. We don’t hold it against toddlers if they cannot control their emotions or if they cannot do complicated math problems. However, it’s amazing how quickly believers are judged because they are still stumbling through the learning stages in their spiritual gifts. In the School of Prophets I have established, I respect the level of maturity where a person is at, but I also help them to grow into the next level of maturity. The balance between respect and guidance must be present so as to avoid causing unnecessary pain in the ministry.


Accusation and judgment are also related to criticism. People have been accused of being like Jezebel. This accusation causes a deep wound in someone with a prophetic gift. Whatever we do, we must do it out of love. People can be hurt in the process of such careless words.


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