Being a Vessel of Anointing

Every believer can be a vessel of God’s anointing. Moreover, every believer can hear from God. It is about being able to recognize the way in which God speaks to you that is important.

In this season in the prophetic ministry, the most important action is to find someone else with a prophetic gift who can mentor you and help you grow in confidence and courage. Having a mentor is critical for any ministry because it gives you a safety net where you can practice without fear of failure. Even if you get it wrong, as long as the person you are giving the “word” to is encouraged and left feeling they have hope, then don’t worry about it. Ask God to lead you, to guide you and to fan into flame the gift that He has given you. Remember the different stages of the gift too and see where you are at the moment. Paul reminded his mentee Timothy to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through laying on of hands (2 Tim. 1:6).


The prophetic is a lovely gift. As a prophet, you would see people connect to God in a personal manner. When people receive an encouraging word, you are a part of it, and you will feel privileged to be used for this purpose.


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How does it feel for God to use you by being His prophet?

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