Behold God in You

It’s time for you to behold God in you. The word goes forth to make the answer appear,

and the answer is within you. If you want to know and see the answer, you have to behold it. You have to be aware of the answer. You have to speak the answer. You have to believe in the answer. When you do this, the answer will unfold. Jesus said, “I am the truth.” He said, “I am the way.” He said, “I am the life.” How much clearer do we need him to get?

When you understand what Jesus wants to tell you, you are able to use the power of

Christ’s nature, Christ’ words, and Christ’s promises. The power of the cross ultimately covers  everything that is wrong in this world. Don’t you think that includes lack and poverty? If it does, then why are you still talking about it?

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Why are you still feeling poor? Why are you still consumed by your worries?

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