How many times have we or other people said, “If only I had that promotion with that salary, then I’d be happy.” We are over-focusing on that ideal job, discovering the career we intend to pursue or going after the next promotion, as a way of creating meaning in life.


This mindset causes you to suffer or to lose energy when you are without the ideal job. If ever you do get the ideal job, the joy you gain is often short-lived. Life purpose is bigger than the position you hold. It is about commitment that goes beyond the job title. It transcends the position so that the life purpose can be fulfilled, whether or not you have the position. The point is this: Leadership is not about a position. Genuinely transformative leadership can only exist in the absence of self-interest.


When you are able to extend your life purpose beyond self-interest, you will realize the true meaning of life. Some people get caught in the trap that life purpose is solely personal. It’s not just about what you have to achieve or what you intend to have in your life.


The “Be-Do-Have” mindset


You have to be something, in order to be able to do something, that will allow you to have something. Nature dictates action, and action will produce the breakthroughs you intend to have in your life.


A lot of times, we are confused with this process. We usually try to perform or to act so that we can have the breakthrough we intend for our lives. We try to force our way into having a great job and a high salary, when we have not become the Space for success. Do you get what I am saying here? If it is not in your being, your actions will lack integrity. When your actions lack integrity, it will reflect in the fruits they produce.


Other times, people follow a “have-do-be” mindset. They think that if only they have this or that, that they can do this and that, and they become something. For example, people think that if they have a million dollars that they can give to the poor and they can become a philanthropist. However, we have to change this mindset. You can start by being generous. In your generosity, you can give with all your heart what the Lord has entrusted to you. The Lord said, you reap what you sow. The product of you being generous and giving to the poor will be more blessings to impart.


Leaders have to be genuine servants and stewards. It is only through the integrity of their beings where they will be able to perform true service and stewardship. As a result, they would be able to bring about true transformation to the group.


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Which mindset are you living out? The Be-Do-Have or Do-Have-Be?