Be a Space of Inspiration

Enrollment begins with being authentic to your being. Jesus was authentic, and the people saw this. They were inspired by his authenticity to His true nature, as the Son of God.

When you are free of constrains from yourself and from others, a wide range of possibilities will begin to open up for you. You will no longer be confined by the limits of what you “should be”, but become inspired by the things that your freedom can make possible. Knowing that you can choose to do, be and say whatever you see fit and true to your nature, will make it easy for you to look ahead at what you can make of your life.

When you find something that you are truly inspired by, which follows that it is in accordance with your nature, you must enroll in this possibility. Enroll in it by giving it everything and committing to it. Do not doubt yourself or your abilities. If you can become truly inspired by a possibility, you can surely achieve it. Accomplishing this possibility is something that should come as naturally to you as becoming inspired by it in the first place.

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Not only does the Book of the Month Club provide a pathway to knowledge, wisdom and insight, it also sets you up to be in attendance at the Spring Session of Prophecology 2018: Birthing House: The Latter Rain, February 23-25, 2018.

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What inspires you? List five specific things that bring you inspiration to do something.

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