Basics of Being an Insider

What is an insider? Really.

The first thing you do is not hold a worship service in your workplace. Do not go ahead witnessing your workmates without establishing your credibility in the field. Let’s talk about the basics of being an Insider. Your credibility is established by 1) The character you establish, 2) The excellence in your service, and 3) The value you bring to that field or industry. 

People must see the integrity in your character first. It will be the worst thing when people are surprised that you are a Christian. People do not want to be confused about what you stand for. You don’t want people thinking, “You’re a Christian, but you steal office supplies to make your child’s project. How does that make sense?” 

People are watching you.

Establish the love of Christ in your character. On the other hand, if you are the most hateful person in the office, how will people react when you tell them you are a Born Again Christian? How are you exhibiting the love of God in the workplace? 

When you are excellent at your work, people will notice you. They will wonder what is driving you to be excellent. People are always intrigued by excellence. Moreover, they will look for motivation. People are always looking for a source of inspiration. When they see your excellence, they will ask why you are excellent. 

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Basics of Being an Insider

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