Are You Investing in the Right Things?

You ask, “How will I know if I am investing in the right area, the area where I will receive the greatest return from my investment of time?” Only invest into areas that you have ability and talent. Whatever you are gifted to do, do it. Keep doing it. God has gifted me with the ability to prophesy.

That is what I spend the majority of my time doing. I am also gifted to write books.


Aside from teaching, I spend the vast majority of my time doing what I am able to do. You already have abilities.  Focus on your strengths by investing time in the areas of your greatest return. That is what the rich do. Bill Gates does computers. Warren Buffet does investments. Oprah Winfrey does television and media. What are you doing? Where are you investing your time?  Are you properly utilizing your time?  Your honest answer to those questions will reveal whether or not you are wicked or if you will enter into the joy of the Lord.


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What are the things you unknowingly are investing in?

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