Are You in the Season of Testing TEST

Put a check in all the items that apply.

€ Feeling that you have been shut down in your God-given abilities.

€ You might have voluntarily or involuntarily released ministry responsibility and feel displaced as a result.

€ You long for the honeymoon period when you first discovered your spiritual gift.

€ You might have made mistakes and wonder whether you will ever recover.

€ You experience doubts about your ability and wonder if God really called you.

€ You find yourself going through character-testing

circumstances and coming up short on the character side.

€ You wonder whether the prophecies once made about you will ever be fulfilled.

€ You feel as though you are being criticized, blocked, or resisted.

€ You feel battle-worn and weary.

€ You feel displaced, separated, or hidden in relation to your gift and ministry. The opposite of God’s call and the destiny you believed in seems to be happening to you.

* If you checked any of these items listed above, it is already a sign that you may be going through a season of testing in this period of your life.

A testing season can be specific to a single gift. There has been people in the prophetic ministry who shared with me how they felt as though their prophetic flow or ministry is being blocked or resisted. However, they are experiencing fruitfulness in other areas of their lives. This occurrence is common, and it only means there is testing in the prophetic ministry. At this point, it’s important to ask what God is specifically doing in this season in your ministry.


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