A Spiritual Gift

In the second level of prophecy, we’ll look at its characteristics as a “motivational gift.” When we say it’s a motivational spiritual gift, we mean it represents what God does in the believer to shape his view on life and to inspire his words and actions. Paul describes

“basic motivations” in Romans 12:3-8, as inherent abilities within a believer; the Father’s unique workmanship within him or her. Moreover, through these motivational gifts, God empowers these believers to become discerning of His purposes. Like soldiers with direct marching orders from their commanders, believers become aware of what God specifically commands them to do.These believers with these motivational gifts can also minister to others through the ministry and manifestation gifts of the Holy Spirit in ways beyond human capability and will, with greatest influence and least weariness. Different people will receive different gifts. Different people’s behaviors can vary according to how they were raised, age, gender, or culture, however, it is common to see individuals with the same motivational gift to demonstrate common qualities.


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