We are living in a society that is not Christian and that is not unchristian. The lack of integrity is evident in this world, because the social structure is incomplete and disorderly:

It is unjust to Christianity to call our civilization Christian; it is unjust to our civilization to call it unchristian. It is semi-christian. Its regeneration is in process, but it has run in streaks and strata, with baffling inconsistencies and hypocrisies, even as with you and me. But so far as the process has gone, it will warrant us in taking the completion of the job in hand with serene confidence that it will work.

Christianizing the social order is about the intention to restore the integrity of society; it’s not about placing Jesus as a spiritual-political leader. The Bible tells us that Jesus is King of kings and the Lord of lords (1 Tim. 6:15, Rev. 17:14, Rev. 19:16). He does not need a political position in government to establish that.

More than that, Jesus himself is not interested in being called “Lord, Lord”, unless there is substance to the word. He is not concerned with titles. What Jesus is concerned about is the poor, the oppressed, and lost. Said in another way, “To put a stop to child labor in our country would be a more effective way of doing homage to his sovereignty than any business of words and names.”      There is a need to synchronize the convictions we identify with God and the way we operate in this world.

We cannot be Christians by name, and yet our lifestyles say another thing. We know that a definite body of moral standards has shaped modern humanity. They represent our collective conscience as a social whole. Unfortunately, the present social order denies many principles of our Christian life that compels us to be better versions of ourselves.

Restoring the integrity of Christians in this social order is about reestablishing the moral principles of Christianity in society. These principles are the highest expressions of Jesus’ teachings, life, and spirit. As Christians, we are most in integrity when our lives and our cause highlight these principles.  There is hope in society if only we repent and turn back to God as the ancient prophets call us to do. Yes, there is hope because “Jesus Christ is a prophecy of the future glory of humanity, the type of Man as he is to be.”

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