A Prophetic Tale

It is a Prophetic Tale:

When I was a child, thinking about the future had always intrigued me. “Is there a way to see it?” is a question that always tingled in my mind. Growing up there were all these books that I’ve used to sincerely engage within the pursuit of an answer, from Dean Buonomano’s “Your Brain is a Time Machine” to historical texts and studies of the future. Kids in school used to push me around because of what I used to read. But I never ceased to follow what my heart was inspired and fascinated by; a free prophecy solely about my life’s Prophetic Tale.

It was a perpetuated dive into the science of the future. It was worth it, but then I realized that books of science weren’t the answer to a question that for so long both haunted and inspired my being. For so long, I searched for that free prophecy in the wrong place.

This resonated with a quote my mother has often repeated to me before she passed: “Sometimes the things you seek are right in front of you”; a saying that solidified in my heart. It was Christianity, the religion my mother taught me about, and one which I have been ignoring throughout the voyage of my life. It was about time I turned my focus towards what was true and holy. So I spent my time reading the bible and indulging in its mysteries.

A certain verse that piqued my curiosity read “Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7), and as I studied further, it seemed to be that prophets and prophetesses can be the answer to my complicated question.

They are religious extensions to the sanctity of the Lord, and the purpose of it is not just to understand the substance of the future but to accomplish my instrumentality as a servant of God. Suddenly it wasn’t the future I only wanted. “What does God think about my decisions? Will I ever accomplish my pure desires? Does my innocent soul jeopardize the message of God?” I guess my childhood questions have grown different branches, vigorously dissimilar to what I was looking for. However, it finally felt like I was seeking something original; something true for Prophetic Tale.

My search included reading what stands in opposition to this religious theory. I am intrinsically convinced about what I believe in and stand in solidarity for. After graduating from college and working in different places around New York to reshape my life in a productive way.

I had the opportunity of attending a biblical educational talk hosted by Zoe Ministries church.

It was beautiful, and that’s all I can say. Archbishop Jordan – a man known for his spirituality – is the one that offered me my first prophetic prayer. This prophetic word is something I still do not fully understand, but what I do know is that weeks after, my life has changed. I am married to the loveliest woman that God blessed me with, and working as a successful chef at a prospering restaurant. I am writing this because I want to give back to him and to God for this blessing of a transformed life.


You can request a free prophetic prayer from archbishop Jordan anytime and anywhere. This beautiful and exquisite opportunity is something every proud Christian and servant of God deserves.


A Prophetic Tale


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