A New Expression

The moment a tree branch stops growing is the moment a new branch spawns to let the tree seek its expression in a new direction. People operate in a similar way. When they are no longer branching out in one area, they look for another place for better expression. Why do you think your children want to leave the house when they become teenagers? I always encourage parents to send their teens to boarding school if they are able, because teenagers crave and need—and will seek—places for better expression of themselves.  As they see it, they have already mastered your house, and because they have experienced your home for many years, it is time for them to learn to master another place with a new, challenging environment.


Life prods you, forces you, to seek out better expression. I’m always looking, just like you are. We said, “We’re having church in here,” and we were hand clapping and foot stomping. We had musicians over here, and down there the choir was swaying.

Congregants were piled up in the balcony. But the time came, we mastered that, and we wanted a better expression. So we made a change, and now people watch from Canada and Germany.  Something about life simply commands growth in you.


Growth is natural for human beings. It’s how God designed us to be. God always intended humans to grow beyond the “current”, and to move towards a new and bigger future. If you are not growing, if it seems that you’re stuck, then it is an unnatural state. Even when it comes to your finances, you are meant to be growing. You are not meant to be shrinking back. As you give to others, your money expands its territory blessing everything in its path. When you withhold your money, you stunt your growth. You need to be comfortable enough in your abundance to be able to grow.


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What are you doing to express your growth in your finances?