A Dream Come True

You are not the only one with dreams. You are God’s dream come true. You came to earth as His dream come true. He wanted to have a human experience, and you are that human experience. You are the manifestation of His desire. You came here to dream. You came here to create. You came here to live. You are acting out all of the things God wanted to act out.

The Holy Trinity created you because there was so much love within them. You are a product of love. It is out of this love that you must view your experiences. Kill the lie that “life is hard.” Life is beautiful, and life is good.

The Creator of life is beautiful, and He is good. You need to reevaluate your perception of God. You need to examine the lies about God you may have believed. This awareness is foundational for really living the truths about the spiritual language of money. Because the spiritual language is that of the Lord, and if you do not have a clear and accurate perspective of the One you are speaking with, then you have diffused the power of this language.

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What lies about God did you believe in the past? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal those lies to you and to replace them with His truths.