The Soul is Immortal


As Christians, we believe that the soul is immortal and retains its identity after death, whether in physical union with the body or temporarily separated, awaiting resurrection on the last day. The soul possesses an eternal blueprint for the resurrected organic body, which will be brought back to life by divine power. This belief empowers us to envision the ultimate perfection of all mankind on the last day and the final destruction of those who deserve eternal agony.

Body and Soul

The divine plan necessitates the relationship of body and soul and the realization of spiritual essence inside us. We were created in the image and likeness of God, which implies we have something eternal and flawless within us. The spiritual body, in contrast to the mortal, physical body, is eternal in the heavens and was not created by human hands. This spiritual energy pervades everything and will never be depleted.

Personal Prophecy

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